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The Advantages Of Combi Boilers

Combination or combi boilers are special heating and hot water systems ideal for homes that are more compact. Alongside their space saving characteristic they are also a popular choice as they are thought of as being highly efficient in terms of the energy they require. With most household bills spiralling upwards each year at a rate faster than salaries increase, it is essential to try to make savings wherever possible. Also as they are a lot more efficient, combination boilers do not cause as much harm to the environment as other more traditional systems would. If you are wondering how a combi boiler can bring you savings from your utility bill then it is primarily because they do not store any hot water unlike other larger designs. They simply heat up water as and when it is required, be it for heating purposes or washing.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits there is another advantage that comes with most modern combination boilers. This is that they are very easy to install. The lack of hot water cylinder, extensive pipe work, and loft tank means that they can be fixed in place with the minimal amount of effort. Also such a simple design means that they are far easier and cheaper to maintain as well as to fix. If yours was to develop a fault then you would not need to pay a small fortune to a repair firm to get it up and running again.

Another important design aspect on combi boilers is that not all the flue gases are unused. A percentage of combi boilers have their heat extracted and reused in the system. This is a far more efficient set up then with a traditional heating system in which a lot of heat disappears with the flue gases.

Before you decide which heating system is right for you, it is important to consider the area that needs heating as well as the space available to store the appliance. They can easily be installed in a kitchen or bathroom cupboard out of harms way. This is hardly the case with most other heating systems that can take up many metres of floor and wall space with their large tanks and extensive pipe work.

Keep in mind the number of bathrooms in your home, if you have only one then a combi boiler should be more than adequate, but if you have many people in your household and a few different bathrooms a combi boiler may not necessarily be the best choice to go for.

When checking out combi boilers Glasgow understand that some are designed to limit how much water is available until the element has reached a certain temperature, this can be instant or it may take a minute or two.

As a hot water heater is often the biggest consumer of energy in the home it makes sense to explore the options of how to make savings in this area. Before you get out your credit card to purchase a new system do some research to find out if there are any special loans or grants available in your region that can help offset the cost. Northern Gas Heating – the UK’s local supplier of new Central Heating Systems including Combi boilers.